Wheel Alignment

One of the essential automotive services you can have is wheel alignment. But contrary to what many believe, it has little to nothing to do with wheels or tires. Instead, it involves correcting the critical angles at which your wheels contact the road. 

At Barney Brothers Off Road & Repair, we offer fast and affordable wheel alignments for various makes and models. Our experienced mechanics use precision equipment to test and correct to restore four wheel angles—caster, toe, camber, and thrust—back to factory specifications. 

Signs Your Vehicle Needs Wheel Alignment

Some of the most common signs include:

  • Tires wearing out quickly or unevenly
  • Crooked steering (even if you’re driving straight)
  • Vehicle pulling to the right or left
  • Noisy steering sounds.
  • Squealing tires

The Wheel Alignment Inspection Process

If you notice any of the above signs, immediately bring your vehicle to Barney Brothers Off Road & Repair for a wheel alignment. During the inspection, our ASE-certified mechanics will: 

  • Take exact measurements and check various suspension components
  • Look for signs of excessive wear or damage (which may be the cause of the misalignment)
  • Explain all your options (and the implications of each option) if we spot a damaged component
  • Use advanced laser equipment to restore the integrity of your suspension if no underlying issues are causing the misalignment 

Wheel Balancing vs. Wheel Alignment

While wheel alignment involves restoring critical wheel angles, wheel balancing is about redistributing the weight in your wheel and tire. Proper wheel balance ensures your tires and wheels work together to deliver a safe and smooth ride. In most instances, we’ll perform wheel alignment and balancing simultaneously.

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