Transmission Repair & Services

The transmission is a highly-complex gearbox that transfers power from the engine to your wheels. It allows you to speed up or slow down on demand. However, learning you need transmission repair can be alarming.

Don’t fret. The Barney Brothers Off Road & Repair team can help. As Grand Junction, CO’s leading auto repair facility, we offer fast and efficient transmission repair, replacement, and other services.

Transmission Fluid Exchange & Maintenance
in Grand Junction, CO

Proactive maintenance is one smart thing you can do to protect your vehicle and wallet. In terms of transmissions, it can help prevent expensive repairs and extend the life of your transmission. And one of the top maintenance tasks is transmission fluid service.

Transmission fluid lubricates, cools, and protects the various parts inside your transmission. However, the transmission fluid will need to be changed over time. Transmission fluid exchange involves flushing out all the old transmission fluid and replacing it with new, nutrient-rich one. 

Transmission Repair Services in Grand Junction, CO

At Barney Brothers Off Road & Repair, we repair all types of transmissions—including manual, automatic, continuously variable, and dual-clutch. Regardless of the type, we have the experience, expertise, and tools to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. 

Common transmission repairs we offer in Grand Junction, CO include:

  • Clutch repair
  • Manual transmission repair
  • Automatic transmission repair
  • Four-wheel drive transmission repair
  • Replacement of transmission parts

Jasper Transmission Replacement
in Grand Junction, CO

Barney Brothers Off Road & Repair provides transmission replacement services if your transmission is beyond repair. 

Unlike other auto repair centers, we only use the best and most reliable Jasper transmissions. Jasper has been delivering best-in-class transmission and engine replacements since 1942. 

Moreover, when we replace a broken transmission with a Jasper unit, you’ll enjoy a 3-year/100,000-mile nationwide transferrable warranty. If your transmission replacement is for an off-road vehicle, you will enjoy an 18-month/100,000-mile warranty. 

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Get the Best Transmission Repair, Replacement, & Related Services
in Grand Junction, CO

Whether your transmission leaks fluid, will not switch gears, or makes strange noises, go to Barney Brothers Off Road & Repair. We perform transmission repair and services for virtually all makes and models. Our highly-skilled mechanics leverage advanced tools to diagnose transmission issues and offer the most cost-efficient solution. 

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