Preventative Maintenance

Getting a vehicle is a big deal. It makes sense to take every possible step to protect your vehicle, extend its life, and maximize your ROI. Achieving these goals is more accessible than most would think. It starts with preventative maintenance.

Barney Brothers Off Road & Repair is the top auto repair and maintenance center in Grand Junction, CO. We specialize in providing fast and affordable maintenance for various makes and models. Whether you need an oil change, tune-up, or factory-recommended maintenance, you can trust our mechanics to help.

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Preventative maintenance is critical to owning a vehicle and ensures you get the most out of it. It includes a range of services that should be performed regularly to reduce the likelihood of failure. 

At Barney Brothers Off Road & Repair, we offer comprehensive preventative maintenance services that include:

Why Choose Barney Brothers Off Road & Repair for Preventative Maintenance?

While our preventative maintenance services can vary by vehicle, they are all designed to offer you the following key benefits:

  • Save money by reducing potential component damage from neglect
  • Extend the life of your vehicle
  • Maintain or increase your gas mileage
  • Help ensure a smoother ride
  • Increase vehicle safety
  • Reduce the likelihood of an unplanned breakdown
  • Reduce the likelihood of more expensive emergency repairs

Factory Recommended Maintenance with Dealership Quality But Without the Dealership Cost

One of the most frequently asked questions is, “Do I have to take my vehicle to a dealership for factory-recommended maintenance?” While many people believe this is the case, it’s not. 

Our mechanics can perform any manufacturer-suggested service your vehicle needs. Because we leverage advanced equipment and factory-level tools, we can deliver faster services at a more competitive price when compared to the dealership. 

Some of the most common vehicles we maintain include:

Our expert maintenance services include everything the dealership provides but at a more competitive price.

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Barney Brothers Off Road & Repair is the premier auto repair and maintenance center in Grand Junction, CO. No matter what your vehicle requires in terms of maintenance; you can expect us to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

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