Auto Air Conditioning & Heating Services

At Barney Brothers Off Road & Repair, we are the leading auto repair center in Grand Junction, CO. We offer a full range of auto repair solutions for various makes and models. And one of the top services we offer is auto air conditioning and heating repair.

Whether you need a new compressor or something as simple as a car AC recharge, Barney Brothers Off Road & Repair is your one-stop shop for various automotive services. We offer various AC maintenance and repair solutions for different vehicles.

Auto AC & Heating Repairs Will Start With Diagnostics & Performance Checks

Learning that your car’s AC or heating system is malfunctioning can be alarming. Fortunately, our team in Grand Junction, CO can help. And the first step we’ll perform is a rigorous system inspection or performance check, including the following:

Some of the most common components and areas we check include:

  • All AC and heating-related components for damage or leaks
  • The AC compressor and other critical components if they’re working properly
  • The AC compressor drive belt for damage or cracks
  • Seals, hoses, lines, and other parts for leaks 

In addition, we leverage state-of-the-art diagnostic tools to run digital scans on your vehicle’s system. Once we have the report, we will discuss the findings with you and offer the most cost-efficient solution.

Common Auto AC & Heating Services We Offer in Grand Junction, CO

At Barney Brothers Off Road & Repair, we offer a long list of heating and air conditioning solutions for cars and other vehicles. Some of these services include:

Signs Your Vehicle Needs AC Recharge & Maintenance
in Grand Junction, CO

Your vehicle may show several signs that it needs an AC recharge or maintenance. Here are some of the most common signs: 

  • AC is not cooling: The most obvious sign is that your AC isn’t properly functioning. If your car AC no longer produces cool air, even at the lowest setting, it indicates you need a car AC recharge.
  • AC turns warm in minutes: The compressor clutch applies pressure to the AC system and helps ensure the refrigerant is running adequately. However, it will eventually break down. If this happens, it may not blast cool air for a considerable time. 
  • Leaks on the outside of your vehicle: If you notice refrigerant leaks underneath your car, you should have your AC inspected and repaired as soon as possible. 

Get Premium Auto Air Conditioning & Heating Repair & Services
in Grand Junction, CO

At Barney Brothers Off Road & Repair, we are proud to offer full-service auto repair, off-roading accessories and upgrades, and overlanding builds. We are your local center for all your automotive needs.

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