Off-Road Suspension & Lift Kits

Off-roading enthusiasts know all too well about the importance of off-road suspension. However, sorting through suspension upgrades and searching for the best off-road lift kits can be confusing and challenging—even for experienced ones.

Fortunately, the experts at Barney Brothers Off Road & Repair experts have your back. We are the leading retailer and installer of custom 4×4 and truck suspension upgrades

These off-roading tools are designed for various vehicles, including Jeeps, Toyota Tacoma & 4Runner, Ford F-150 & Raptor, Chevy Silverado & Colorado, and more!

Moreover, we don’t sell or install lift kits and custom suspensions. Our experts and mechanics live and breathe all things off-roading. 

Lift Kit Installation
in Grand Junction, CO

One of the keys to tackling rugged terrain is your off-road suspension system. And at Barney Brothers Off Road & Repair, we can help amplify the capability of this system with a lift kit. 

A lift kit is designed to elevate the body of your off-roading vehicle from the frame. There are generally two different types:

  • A body lift kit: This can raise a truck or SUV by one to three inches. It’s important to understand that a body lift kit doesn’t raise the entire suspension—just the body.
  • A suspension lift kit: This is designed to lift the entire suspension system, elevating ground clearance by four to six inches or higher. At Barney Brothers Off Road & Repair, we upgrade the front and rear leaf springs and shocks. 

Regardless of the type, they both strive to achieve the same goals:

  • Improve your ground clearance
  • Increase vehicle performance
  • Improve appearance

At Barney Brothers Off Road & Repair, our team can assist you in choosing the best lift kit and then professionally install it.

Leveling Kit Installation
in Grand Junction, CO

Most truck manufacturers design the front part of a vehicle to be slightly lower than the rear. 

While suspension lift kits are designed to raise the entire vehicle, leveling kits slightly raise the front of your SUV or truck. The leveling kit ensures the front aligns with the rest of the vehicle.

As leveling kits can also increase ground clearance, you’ll be able to install larger wheels to master tricky terrain comfortably. With a leveling kit, you will prevent front bumper damage from debris, sticks, and rocks. 

At Barney Brothers Off-Road & Repair, we are proud to be an authorized installer of Rugged Off-Road Leveling Kits.

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Whether you’re looking for a Rugged Off-Road leveling kit or the best lift kits, the Barney Brothers Off Road & Repair team can help. We specialize in installing all types of custom suspension systems for off-roading vehicles. We will match you, your needs, and your budget to the best custom 4×4 suspension. 

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