Off-Road Modifications

Are you looking for the best off-road modification shop near you? If so, you’ve come to the right place! 

Barney Brothers Off Road & Repair is the premier center for truck and SUV modifications in Grand Junction, CO. We’re home to all the top 4×4 upgrades and customization brands. 

Our seasoned experts have the experience to match you with the perfect solution. Whether you’re an experienced off-road enthusiast looking to elevate your experience to new heights or a novice just getting started, our experienced mechanics can and will surely help.

We're Home to the Best 4x4 Modifications, Upgrades, & Repairs
in Grand Junction, CO

If you’re looking to venture off the well-beaten path or dominate local trails, the mechanics at Barney Brothers Off Road & Repair can help. As the premier truck, 4×4, & off-road modification shop, we offer various modifications, including:

Elevate Your Truck & SUV to the Next Level
with 4x4 Off-Road Modifications in Grand Junction, CO

When it comes to mods, there are no one-size-fits-all solutions. And at Barney Brothers Off Road & Repair, we perform off-road upgrades and install 4×4 mods on all makes and models. Our seasoned ASE-Certified mechanic has the tools, expertise, and skill to turn your SUV or truck into the dynamic weekend chariot you desire. 

Some of the most common vehicles we work on include the following: