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What Should Be My First Car?

What Should Be My First Car? | Barney Brothers Off Road & Repair in Grand Junction, CO. Image of a new male driver inside a black car. He is smiling while accepting the new key of his car from a car salesman.

Purchasing a car for the first car can be confusing. All the makes, models, shapes, and colors could be overwhelming. For your first car, you should be looking for safety and reliability – you should also want it to be smaller for extra maneuverability. We will give you our best picks for cars that are perfect for first-timers.

Toyota Yaris
The Yaris is one of Toyota’s staple models. It is reliable, agile, and has great fuel mileage. Depending on your budget, the Yaris has a wide variety of options to choose from. Everything from older models to newer, improved ones that even offer the GR badge – a trim for people who like a more sporty appearance and feel. Cheap repairs and maintenance make it an even better option for new drivers.


Ford Focus
Ford is well known for its cars and how good they are. One of the most popular ones is the Ford Focus. Every model throughout the years has been a success on the market. Newer models have everything you need, from an infotainment system to heated and cooled seats. Visit your local Ford dealership to see all the models, and if you can, test drive them to see what fits you best.

VW Golf
The German-made VW Golf is a great overall choice. It offers all the characteristics you are looking for in a car – safety, maneuverability, fuel economy, comfort, speed, and tuning options. You can see everyone driving them on the streets – it’s because they are that good! Its popularity has never dropped since its release back in the 70′. The Golf and all its trims and models offer a great driving experience for newcomers and long-time drivers.

We did not include models with exact years because some might be newer but not in your price range, and others might be a little bit older but match everything you are looking for. At least one of them has a trim that will fit your liking and budget.

At our shop, servicing is done on all these models, and many more! If you have a problem, or just need a regular maintenance visit, stop by Barney Brothers Off Road & Repair and we will help out! You can contact us via the phone on the bottom of the page!