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What Does SUV Stand For

SUV parked on Northern California Beach

Everyone’s daily life and job are different, and so are their vehicles. Some people want to have a very comfortable drive, and some want space and efficiency. That’s why there are so many different models and options – everyone wants something different. SUVs are for those who want a spacious interior with storage room and speed from their vehicle of choice. There are all kinds of shapes and forms, colors, and engine options from which to choose.

What Does SUV Mean?

SUV is short for Sports Utility Vehicle. As the name implies, they are at the same time sporty but can do everything. They are made for rough terrain or bad weather, but with their rise in popularity, people use them for everything.

What Can SUVs Do Differently?

Let’s start with their features. Increased ground clearance, big wheels, and durability make them perfect for offroading and bad roads. They are very large and have plenty of storage space. Also, having big wheels provides extra grip and safety.
The interiors are very comfortable and spacious, with enough room for you and your family. That makes them a common choice for family vehicles despite their original purpose.

SUVs come in a four/five and two-three door configuration. Four/five-door ones are longer and have extra room, but for those who don’t need them, two/three-door models are more compact and agile.

Are SUVs 4×4?

4×4 means that all four wheels are powered separately by the engine. When talking about SUVs, most of them are 4×4 because of their intended purpose and weight. If a big and heavy vehicle is stuck and is only driven by two wheels, it won’t have enough power and grip to escape. Not only does 4×4 provide extra grip, but it’s also much safer to drive.

Are SUVs Safe?

The short answer is – yes. SUVs are extremely safe because of their well-built frame and ground clearance. While driving, you are at least a couple of inches above all other vehicles, which provides extra safety.

To sum it up, SUVs are a perfect match for a big family or off-road enthusiasts. Manufacturers provide a wide variety of models from which to choose. After all, who doesn’t like a big speedy car? If you have an SUV that needs general maintenance, repairs, or modifications, stop by Barney Brothers Off Road & Repair today!