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What Can Cause Brake Pad Wear On One Side and Not The Other

The brake system in your vehicle is a complex network of components that are used to slow and stop your car. As with any part of a car, components wear over time, including the brake pads. One common issue that drivers experience is premature wear on one side of their brake pads but not the other. This phenomenon is not only confusing but can also be very concerning. In this blog, we will discuss the potential causes of brake pad wear on one side and how to resolve it.

Why Break Pad Wears on One Side

When one side of your brake pads wears more than the other, it can be due to several causes. First, if you have a misalignment in your suspension, it is possible that your vehicle will pull to one side when braking which may cause uneven wear and tear on the brake pads. In addition, if there’s an issue with your caliper, it could cause one side to drag which again would bring about uneven wear. If the brake line has a leak or is blocked on one side of the vehicle, it can cause undue pressure on that area and may also cause brake pad wear on one side.

How to Resolve Uneven Brake Pad Wear

Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to resolve the issue of uneven brake pad wear. Start with a visual inspection of your suspension and make sure that all components are properly aligned. If you find any issues, they can be adjusted accordingly to ensure even wear and tear on the brake pads. You should also check your calipers for any signs of sticking or dragging, and if necessary, repair or replace them as needed. Finally, inspect your brake lines for any potential leaks or blockages which could cause uneven pad wear.

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