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Signs That Your Car Needs A Brake Repair

Car mechanic repair service doing brake repair by changing car disc brake pads from old brakes to new brakes.

While blind spot monitoring, rearview cameras, and lane keep assist are helpful features, they pale in importance to your brakes. As your original safety feature, properly functioning brakes aren’t a nice-to-have —they are must-haves. As such, it’s important to have regular brake inspections and brake service. Doing so can prevent more expensive brake repair while ensuring this quintessential system is up to the task.

Although you should have brake service regularly, you should schedule brake service immediately if you notice any of the following signs of brake repair. Continue reading to learn more and don’t hesitate to reach out to Barney Brothers Off Road and Repair in Grand Junction CO for brake repair, brake service, and brake replacement.

Soft and / or Spongy Brake Pedal

When you press the brake pedal, you expect your vehicle to slow down and ultimately stop. You also expect a certain level of resistance. But if you press the brake pedal and it’s softer than normal, spongy, or quickly goes all the way to the floor, you need brake repair, brake service, or brake replacement in Grand Junction CO.

On one hand, a spongy brake pedal could indicate an issue with your master cylinder. It may also indicate moisture or air has gotten into your brake system. Regardless of the cause, it’s imperative to have your brakes serviced as soon as possible. Failure to do so could hinder your ability to stop or control your vehicle in Grand Junction CO.

You Hear Grinding, Squeaking, or Squealing

Anytime you engage your brakes, you should listen carefully. If you hear strange sounds, your brakes may be alerting you to a potential problem. If you hear squealing, squeaking, or grinding sounds, it may point to an issue with your brake rotors, brake calipers, or brake pads.

Squealing or squeaking sounds usually indicate your brake pads are too worn, and the caliper has begun to rub against your rotor as you brake. However, if you hear a grinding noise, you have most likely waited too long to schedule brake pad service and brake replacement.

Failure to have the necessary brake replacement services as required can cause more damage to your calipers and rotors. Simply put, having brake pad replacement is a relatively inexpensive service. But if you fail to have your brake pads replaced regularly, it can cause exponentially more expensive repairs.

The Brake Warning Light Is Turned on in Grand Junction CO

While your vehicle can’t talk to you, it can communicate. And one of the ways your vehicle does so is through dashboard indicator lights. Simply put, if you have a dashboard indicator light illuminated, something is wrong, and shoulnd’t be ignored. The Brake Warning Light is most often triggered by:

  • The hydraulic brake fluid is low in the master cylinder
  • Your parking brake is engaged,
  • Faulty sensors
  • Burned-out brake lights
  • Your pads need brake replacement in Grand Junction CO
  • And more

If your Brake Warning Light is illuminated, it’s imperative to have brake service and the necessary brake repair as soon as possible.

Your ABS Light Is Illuminated in Grand Junction CO

Most modern vehicles utilize an anti-lock brake system that also has a dashboard indicator light. If your ABS or Anti-Lock Braking System, you shouldn’t ignore it. It’s your vehicle’s way of alerting you of a problem. Some of the most common triggers of the ABS Warning Light are:

  • A faulty or malfunctioning ABS module
  • Broken wheel speed sensors
  • Low levels in the fluid reservoir
  • The ABS system is turned off

Your Steering Wheel Vibrates or Shakes When You Brake in Grand Junction CO

If you notice your brake pedal or steering wheel pulsing or vibrating when you engage the brakes, it may indicate you need brake repair and brake service. Oftentimes, the pulsing and vibrating feeling is caused by an uneven rotor. Anytime one part of your rotor is thinner than another, the brake pads will encounter uneven surfaces. This causes vibration or pulsation when you brake. Most importantly, it can significantly reduce the effectiveness of your brakes.

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