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Signs of a Clogged Oil Filter

Every time you bring your car or truck to the auto repair shop for an oil change service, an oil filter replacement is always included in that service. They are done together. Therefore, if you keep up with your oil services, you won’t have to worry about a clogged oil filter.

The oil filter is a component that traps dirt and debris that your oil picks up as it moves in and out of the motor engine. Over time, the oil filter will get dirty and need a replacement to improve the flow and cleanliness of your engine oil. 

There are 4 major signs that indicate your engine oil may be worn. They are – 

  • Decrease in Engine Performance – When the oil filter is clogged, it stops purifying the oil, which means dirty oil is circulated through the engine. As a result, your engine can suffer from accelerated wear and tear. Also, you run the risk of engine overheating and other problems like engine stuttering.
  • Drop in Oil Pressure – A bad oil filter may even cause the oil pressure warning light to illuminate on the dash. If you let a dirty oil filter go unnoticed for too long, it can prevent oil from flowing to the motor. You should not drive until you have the filter replaced.
  • Engine Noises – Motor oil serves as lubricant, which means it is supposed to minimize friction. When your engine doesn’t get about oil, its components may grind against each other. That is why a dirty oil filter may cause your engine to run louder than normal.
  • Dark Exhaust – When you operate your vehicle with an expired oil filter, it is overall less efficient, which means increased exhaust fumes. If you notice crazy amounts of dark smoke spewing out of your tailpipe, you should have the oil filter checked ASAP.

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