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Is Your 4×4 Ready for Off-Roading? Here’s What You Should Do

So you have a 4×4 SUV or truck, and you’re ready to tackle off-roading? If your vehicle is straight from the factory, it may not be fully prepared for the challenges of off-road driving. Whenever your vehicle rolls off the manufacturing line, the goal is to deliver optimum on-road performance. Even the most off-road-ready vehicles are essentially designed for on-road driving first. Because of this, drivers who are keen on exploring new roads should consider various 4×4 upgrades. Fortunately, the experts at Barney Brothers Off Road and Repair have you covered. Below, we outline some of our top, most fundamental 4×4 off-road modifications you can use to elevate your off-roading adventures to the next level.

Pro-Grade Off-Road Recovery Gear

The sentence might be a bit redundant given the next sentence is a rephrasing of the same activities. You could potentially merge or rephrase one of them for clarity. While splashing through puddles, dominating rocks, and traversing inhospitable terrain may be your goals, sometimes the terrain has other plans. Sometimes, the terrain strikes back. When it does, you must be prepared.

If you’re an off-roading enthusiast, it’s not a question of “if” but “when” you’ll get stuck or have a problem with your vehicle. Given the inevitability of such situations, having the right recovery gear is essential.

“But What About the Factory Tow Hooks?”

Even though your vehicle may come equipped with factory tow hooks, may not be as suitable for difficult off-road recoveries depending on your vehicle. These weaker tow hooks and attachment points often fail, causing injuries. To be better prepared for challenging off-road recovery situations, consider enhancing your 4×4 with top-of-the-line recovery gear as part of your off-road modifications, including:

  • Winch
  • Winch extension straps
  • Tire patches
  • Recovery straps
  • Gloves
  • Recovery hooks
  • And more

A good rule of thumb is to ensure that your recovery gear can handle at least twice the weight of your vehicle.

Off-Road Tires Are Essential

Regardless of your vehicle’s capabilities, poor-quality tires can significantly impair its performance. Any tire not meant for off-roading is more likely to be punctured or damaged when exploring new roads. Because off-roading often takes place in distant and remote areas, the stakes are higher. At the same time, highway tires lack the specialized treads to deliver grip in off-road situations. This can reduce your off-roading abilities.

As a result, it’s imperative to choose the right off-road tires, such as:

These tires have thicker sidewalls to resist and reduce the likelihood of punctures. M/T and A/T tires also have large tread blocks and wide channels that push chunks or rocks of mud from underneath your tires, which helps maximize traction. For those looking for a middle ground, hybrid tires offer a blend of the best features from both M/T and A/T tires, providing versatile performance for a variety of terrains.

Off-Road Wheels Are for More Than Looks

When most people think of wheels, their mind immediately goes to the stylish appearance of rims. And rightly so because most wheels are more of an appearance factor than a functional upgrade. But if you’re looking for the best 4×4 upgrades, don’t forget your wheels.

Bolster the Performance of Your Vehicle

Choosing the right set of wheels can bolster the performance of your truck or SUV. Specifically, stronger wheels can improve your ability to withstand rocks. Steel rims are excellent for this application and are relatively easy to bend back into place or weld if they are dented.

Wheels Can Alter the Width of Your Vehicle

Offset wheels are designed to alter the position of the tire within the wheel well, providing better clearance and a wider stance for the vehicle. This not only enhances the vehicle’s aesthetic appeal but also improves its stability and handling, especially during off-road adventures or high-speed maneuvers.

4×4 Suspension Upgrades

No list of 4×4 off-road modifications would be complete without discussing suspension upgrades. When you choose an off-road suspension upgrade for your 4×4, you will drastically increase ground clearance to master boulders and rocks. In addition, better ground clearance can increase safety and bolster load-bearing abilities.

Better Shocks

Improved shocks provide better resistance to heat because of the large oil capacity and shock body. As a result, the shock fade usually experienced on corrugated roads takes longer to set in.

Upgrade to Stiffer Springs

As an off-roader, you’ll likely have tons of gear. You must have a suspension system that can withstand and accommodate the additional weight. Utilizing stiffer coil springs can reduce sag and make sure your vehicle is safe whenever you’re loaded down with gear.

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