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Is It Bad to Put Regular Gas in a Car That Requires Premium?

If you drive a vehicle that demands premium gasoline, you should follow what it says. On the other hand, you may be wondering if you can squeeze a few extra pennies by using regular gas instead. What exactly would happen if you put regular gas into the tank? Would there be a big difference, or can the car explode? The team at Barney Brothers Off Road & Repair is going to explain to you what exactly happens when you put regular gas into a car that requires premium.

First off, don’t fret – Making this mistake once or twice can’t harm your car. Your engine should be fine as long as it is not a recurring problem. Your vehicle won’t show any major differences in terms of fuel efficiency. But, please remember to not make this a habit. 

If you use the wrong type of a gas or a gas with lower octane than what your engine requires on a regular basis, several things can go wrong. Over time, using regular fuel can damage your engine. You may notice excess engine knocking, which can lead to costly repairs down the line. Additionally, your warranty on the car can be completely voided. 

How to Find What Level Octane of Gas Your Car Requires

Turn to the fuel section in your owner’s handbook. It’ll give you the recommended levels for your specific make and model. However, most vehicles have a sticker near the pump with the octane levels clearly labeled.

In conclusion, using regular gas for a premium car can do harm and cost you more money over time. Why? You won’t receive optimal engine performance and efficiency. So, once again, we suggest following your manufacturer’s word on this one.

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