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How Long Will My New Tires Last?

If you’ve just had a tire replacement or you are planning to get new tires soon, you might be wondering how long they’re supposed to last. As a general rule of thumb, brand new tires last around 50,000 miles, give or take. However, the honest answer is it depends. Various factors can make a new set of tires last longer or shorter depending on the type of terrain you drive on, your driving style, and vehicle you use. Furthermore, proper tire maintenance can make your tires last longer.


In conclusion, it isn’t easy to specify precisely how long new tires will last because it depends on these factors below: 

Factor #1: The Type of Terrain You Operate Your Vehicle On

Driving on rough grounds day in and day out can put more stress on your vehicle, especially its tires. While taking your car or truck off-road may be entertaining for some, doing so will require more frequent tire replacements. Poorly maintained roads also fall under the rough terrain category.

Factor #2: Driving Style

Your driving style may be the most critical factor in deciding how long your tires will last. If you drive defensively, your tires may last for a more extended period. On the other hand, if you have poor driving habits, such as accelerating hard and speeding into turns, your tires will not last as long as others.

Factor #3: The Type of Car You Drive

The type of vehicle you drive has an impact on your tire wear. If you drive a fast sports car or a giant pickup truck, your tires will wear down quicker due to the nature of how those vehicles are driven. However, smaller compact cars and crossovers may require less frequent tire replacements. 

Beyond these factors, there are healthy practices you can implement to prolong the life of your tires. Only driving on smooth terrain and driving conservatively can improve your tire life. Furthermore, proper tire maintenance, including tire balancing, tire rotations, and wheel alignment, can extend your new tires’ life.

Let our tire experts help you keep up with your tire maintenance. We recommend the above services at routine intervals so that you can extend your tires’ lifespan. Car tires aren’t cheap, so we urge you to protect your investment. 

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