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Can the Cold Weather Kill Your Battery?

During the winter months in Grand Junction, CO, more and more drivers face trouble starting their cars. Is the cold weather the reason to blame? The answer is more complicated and can vary from driver to driver. Today, we will investigate how the cold winter impacts your car battery.

So can cold weather kill your car battery? The answer can be both yes and no. Cold temperatures can cause more strain on your battery, so that is why the winter season is often a typical time for vehicle battery replacements. Two common explanations may be behind your car starting problems in the winter: power loss with slow chemical reactions and oil/engine problems.

Power Loss and Slowed Chemical Reactions

Most batteries work due to an electrochemical reaction, which sends power to your terminals. This chemical reaction can slow down the process by 30-60% in freezing temperatures. 

Oil or Engine Issues

The cold also makes your engine oil change in texture. Thick oil can slow down your engine’s processes, making it need more power to start your car. Combined with a weakened battery, this can stop your engine from turning over. 

Tips for Protecting Your Car Battery

Here are some tips on how to protect your vehicle battery from the harsh weather:

  • Check for corrosion and clean your terminals
  • Be on time with your oil changes
  • Park your car in a garage (if possible) and/or cover your vehicle overnight
  • Minimize battery usage
  • Give your battery time to recharge by avoiding too short of trips

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