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3 Signs That Your Vehicle is Due for An Oil Change

It’s no mystery that regular oil changes play a crucial role in maintaining your vehicle. It’s easy to change your oil on time if you’re keeping your eye on your miles. However, sometimes drivers lose track of their numbers. If you can’t recall the last time you received an oil change, other signs may remind you to have the service done. 

Engine Oil Looks Dark and Gritty

As a competent driver, it’s essential to check your engine oil periodically to ensure it is in good condition. While the amount of oil is essential, so is its appearance and quality. Healthy engine oil is usually light amber or brown. If you notice that your oil has gotten dirty and dark, it’s time to schedule an oil change. 

Loud Engine Sounds

When you drive by yourself, it’s obvious to pick up a strange sound. Since oil has lubricating properties, if it’s been a while since you last changed your oil, your engine parts will be inclined to bump against each other. As a result, you may hear banging engine sounds.

Oil Warning Light

Most vehicles today have the beneficial feature of alerting you of various issues. One of those features includes a message on your dash that may indicate you are about to run low on oil. There is also the classic oil warning light that illuminates the dashboard. However, if you see the icon, the damage has probably already taken place within your engine. The oil light rarely comes on the moment it’s time for an oil change, only after it’s been a substantial amount of time. You should take your vehicle to Barney Brothers immediately upon seeing the oil canister symbol on your dashboard. 

Without the engine oil, your car and its engine will not be able to function correctly. Skipping oil changes can turn your regular commutes into far more dangerous ones. If you notice any of the above symptoms, please do not overlook them. We invite you to Barney Brothers for an oil change. Please give us a call or visit our shop today!